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Why It Is Important to Change Furnace Filters Routinely


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November 7, 2018

The cold season is close by, and it’s time to think about furnace care once again. Of all your HVAC system’s components, the air filter perhaps demands the most attention. Regardless of its thickness, experienced HVAC contractors recommend regular replacement or cleaning.

Why It Is Important to Change Furnace Filters Routinely

Why is it important to routinely install a fresh air filter for your furnace? Here are the real reasons it’s never a waste of money:

Preserving Good Indoor Air Quality

The role of air filters is to keep particulates, such as dust and pet dander, from getting into the ducts. The thinner they are, the less they can hold. When they max out their capacity, they wouldn’t be able to pump adequate air into the ductwork and might even re-circulate pollutants to living spaces.

Ensuring Equipment Efficiency

A dirty air filter can affect the performance of your furnace. The build-up of captured particulates will ultimately restrict the airflow, causing it to heat less air. In turn, it will initially fail to meet the demands of the thermostat, forcing itself to work extra hard to regulate the indoor climate. It could get by with a dirty filter for some time, but it would consume more energy.

Lowering Maintenance Costs

If your furnace’s filter is dirty, chances are its other components are just as filthy. The air filter acts as a gatekeeper denying entry to destructive elements. When particulates invade the interior of your heating equipment and ductwork, expect something to break down sooner than later. Most furnace problems are not beyond repair, but your maintenance costs could easily balloon.

Leave Furnace Tune-Ups to One of the Top HVAC Contractors in Seattle

As one of the region’s top HVAC contractors, Cardinal Heating and Air knows what it takes to make your furnace last for as long as possible. We offer scheduled service maintenance agreements to stay ahead of problems and carry out repairs in a timely manner. Call us at (425) 296-2097 or fill out this form to discuss your heating needs.