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Seattle WA Emergency Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Services

24 Hour Emergency Air Conditioner Repair and Service

Fast and affordable air conditioner repair throughout the Greater Seattle, WA area are just a phone call away. Contact us as soon as you suspect your air conditioner or cooling system is not running efficiently.  If you have experienced a complete system breakdown, call us.  Cardinal Heating & Air offers 24/7 emergency air conditioner repair services.  We will send help immediately to diagnose the problem and offer honest solutions for repair or replacement.

Air Conditioner Maintenance and Tune Ups

Let our air conditioning service technicians take care of all of your HVAC system maintenance and tune-ups throughout the year.  Take advantage of our scheduled maintenance agreements. With schedule maintenance, we will schedule out your cooling system maintenance at least twice per year, and we will ensure that your system has a full tune up and multi-point inspection before the summer temperatures blow in.

Indoor Air Quality Improvement For Air Conditioner Systems

We are “Committed to Your Comfort” at Cardinal Heating & Air.  We are also committed to the health and safety of our customers and neighbors in the Seattle area. This is why we emphasize the importance of indoor air quality improvement to all of our residential air conditioner customers. Our IAQ products will help to reduce contaminants, germs, allergens and other impurities in your air and floating through your cooling system. In order to improve your indoor air quality, we offer a number of different products and solutions to rectify these problems, from germicidal UV lamps to air scrubbers.

Air Conditioner Sales, Installation, and Replacement

When our clients are in the market for a new air conditioner system they know that we at Cardinal Heating & Air will work very closely with them to get the job done right.   This could be to replace an old system or for a new home build.  We show all available options.  Weigh the benefits and drawbacks of all of those options, and help to choose the perfect solution for your home cooling system needs. From purchase to installation, and through ongoing maintenance, we consider ourselves to be your partner in achieving maximum indoor comfort and quality.

Seattle Washington Air Carrier Conditioning

Carrier Air Conditioner Products

At Cardinal Heating & Air, we are very proud to be a Seattle Carrier air conditioner system and products dealer. With our relationship with Carrier HVAC, we can offer our clients unique and exclusive deals on air conditioner systems, parts, and repair. Our technicians can help you through the purchase and installation of Carrier’s top-rated cooling systems and products.

Air Conditioner Financing

We can help you get the air conditioner you need as soon as possible, even on a budget. Our air conditioner system financing options can help you cover both the purchase of the air conditioning system and the costs associated with installation. With low APR and flexible terms and payments, you can get the system you need today without draining your savings or settling for subpar equipment.

Seattle Washington Mitsubishi Air Conditioning2

Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Products

Up to 40% more efficient than standard traditional air conditioner systems, our Mitsubishi brand air conditioner and cooling systems offer yet another flexible solution for home cooling and air conditioning. Allowing for smart controls, zoned cooling, and multi-room cooling, these innovative systems are whisper-quiet and powerhouses of energy efficiency.

Air Conditioner Rebates

At Cardinal Heating & Air, we are dedicated to helping our customers save the maximum amount of money when purchasing and installing a brand new high-efficiency air conditioner systems. Our staff works closely with clients to take advantage of State and Local, as well as energy efficiency rebates. Schedule a meeting with our professional staff and we will let you know how much you may save in rebates.

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