HVAC Rebates and Specials

Most Americans rely on HVAC systems to cool their homes in summer and keep them warm in winter. These units can be pricey. Thanks to the government’s tax credits for energy-efficient home appliances, you can get a new heating and air conditioning unit for much less than it otherwise would be. Rebates on qualifying purchases can also help put a new unit within reach.

To qualify for HVAC rebates, it is necessary to complete the installation of the system that is purchased. Rebates are intended to provide incentives to replace an outdated heating and air conditioning system with one that achieves energy efficiency. If a new unit is purchased but not installed, that efficiency will not be gained. We are happy to provide full details about any deadlines that might apply to a new purchase and its installation.

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Different Rebate Options for WA Residents

We can also review details about redeeming a qualifying rebate, including those that might be instant. Some rebates, for example, might entail receiving a discount from the total amount that would ordinarily be due for a qualifying product. Other rebates might come in the form of a debit card that would arrive after a period of time for processing.

Details about HVAC rebates will depend on each program itself. Typically, however, there are special spring and fall rebates on specific, qualifying purchases. You are welcome to contact us about any upcoming rebates and specials for which you might qualify. We can help you to prepare for the best time to take advantage of specials that will suit your needs. Also feel free to ask us about favorable financing terms to purchase or upgrade HVAC systems. Between rebate programs and acceptable financing terms, an energy-efficient unit might be easier to obtain that you realize.

Maximize Efficiency With A New HVAC System

For homeowners forced to live with older HVAC units, the opportunity to have a new, energy-efficient system can also result in savings on utility bills. Older systems struggle to heat and cool a home, requiring more energy than they should. New systems, however, accomplish desired heating and cooling levels with less energy required. In addition to savings that may be earned through rebate incentives, the difference on energy bills is worth considering.

If you live in the Seattle, Kirkland WA area, contact Cardinal Heating & Air to learn about your options. We will be happy to help you obtain a more energy-efficient HVAC system upgrade.

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