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Moldy Vent problems with your Air Conditioning System


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May 8, 2012

 Mold is a big problem especially in the home. Mold can cause homeowners to suffer from allergy problems as well as extended health problems in children and the elderly. When mold gets out of hand, it is difficult to remove and cause homeowners costly repairs as well as decreased home values. Mold is a common problem in air conditioning when you consider the venting system. Many homeowners do not know how to remedy this problem.

If you have seen mold growing around your vents you will need to call a licensed technician immediately. A technician will be able to diagnosis the immediate problem and then take action to remove your air vents of mold.

Many homeowners feel as though mold is a cleanliness problem but it is not. Mold on your air conditioning vents means that there is an increase in the humidity or moisture in your home. These factors contribute to growing mold spores, thus the mold. The water plus the dirt and dust that your duct work gathers will work together to create a mold issue which should be corrected as quickly as possible.

The first step to take with moldy air vents is to have your duct work cleaned professionally. After cleaning the moisture issue will need to be solved. If you do not solve this problem you will have mold issues yet again in a few months. The drain line backup should be checked for leaks or drainage problems and a complete tune-up should take place as well.

If you end up having an increase in humidity in your home you should invest in a dehumidifier. A technician will be able to help you determine what type of humidifier will work with your home. The humidity level should be between forty and sixty percent.

After taking the steps above, it is important to avoid this problem again. Make sure your home has enough ventilation. Exhaust fans can be used to vent air outside of your home. These fans are usually located in the kitchen and the bathrooms. Fixing any leaks in your walls or roofing is a good idea as well. Moisture will help mold grow so you should eliminate the moisture in your home.

It is very important to take these steps if you have seen mold growing in your air vents. Without attention, the problem can escalate and become a large expense that most homeowners are not prepared for.