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Different Types of Home Heat Distribution Systems


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October 11, 2018

There is an endless list of manufacturers for home heating and air conditioning. So much so, that shopping around for a new one to be installed could be a daunting task. Don’t worry and let the professionals at Cardinal Heating and Air walk you through the main types of heating systems and how you can choose one that best suits your home’s heating needs.

Steam Heating

Back then, steam was the only choice most buildings had for heating. It gained popularity because steam flows through pipes even without the use of a pump. However, this previously popular choice has certainly been outshined by newer technology. If your house is still getting its heat from steam radiators, it may be time to think of an upgrade to a more contemporary alternative.

Hot Water Systems

Cardinal Heating and Air has extensive knowledge on plenty of different types of heating systems, and hot water systems are this century’s new steam system. Second only to forced-air systems, hot water systems are the most common when it comes to household heating. Unfortunately, it’s not without its problems. For instance, getting air inside the pipes can be problematic and so you may have to go through every radiator one by one to open the bleed valve slightly, then close it up before it begins to leak water.

You can save a lot of money on heating with hot water systems through the proper use and implementation of zoning systems. A programmable thermostat is a must have for zone-controlled homes with hot water systems, as it provides perfect temperature control in separate areas of a large house.

Forced Air Systems

Distributing heat through forced-air systems is the most common type of heating system. It’s highly recommended due to its high efficiency. It requires regular maintenance to keep it running at peak performance.

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