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Seattle is the biggest city in the Pacific Northwest, and the fastest-growing major city in the country. It is unique in many ways. Industry titans call Seattle home. The ethnic influences are broad and deep. The music from Seattle has had a substantial influence on the rest of this generation’s music. Even the weather is unique. Seattle has truly left its mark on the world around it.

Expert HVAC Contractors in Seattle

Cardinal Heating & Air is proud to serve the people of Seattle. Our company has been in business for over 20 years, and we have gained a reputation for the quality of our work; both residential and commercial alike. We are a certified Carrier dealer, providing some of the highest quality HVAC products available. Our services include heating and air conditioning installation and repair, geothermal installation and repair, and indoor air quality improvement services.

Seattle, WA 24-Hour Emergency Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Services

We often take for granted how important it is to have a properly functioning furnace. When it breaks down, it can throw your life into disarray. Cardinal Heating & Air is ready to respond to your HVAC emergency 24 hours a day. And no matter what hour you need us, our skilled technicians will there ready to provide professional service.

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Seattle, WA Heating And Air Conditioning Installation & Repair

After being one of Seattle’s top HVAC service providers for more than 20 years, we can say that we’ve seen our fair share of installation and repair work. In fact, we’re confident that we’ve seen it all, we’ve installed it all, and we’ve fixed it all. And because we bring the highest level of expertise and service to every job that we do, we have a long list of happy customers to show for it. Whatever your job is, let our team of service professionals help you out.

Seattle, WA Heating And Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your HVAC system is perhaps the hardest working, and most essential part of your home. It performs every single day for years on end. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it needs to be taken care of. We recommend a simple annual tune-up on your HVAC system to check for worn parts, diagnose the performance, and make minor adjustments. Annual tune-ups keep your system operating at peak efficiency. This saves you money on your utility bills throughout the year, and helps prevent catastrophic break downs when you least expect them.

Seattle, WA Indoor Air Quality Improvement

In light of recent scientific studies, indoor air quality has become a big concern to people. Renowned health groups such as the EPA and the American Lung Association have released studies that indicate that indoor air quality can be as bad as the worst outdoor air from some of the most polluted cities. That’s pretty bad. And considering many of us spend up to 90% of our time indoors, it is essential that we improve the quality of the indoor air that we breathe. Cardinal Heating & Air has the expertise to monitor the quality of the indoor air in your home, and to make the recommendations on how to clean it up. We can make the air that you breathe clean again.

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