The Advantages of Mini Split Heat Pumps

Mini split heat pumps operate much like regular heating systems except for one major difference: there are no ducts. Consisting of an indoor unit that blows air over evaporator coils and an outdoor unit that powers the system, mini split heat pumps have many advantages to offer homeowners. To help homeowners better understand its ins and outs and determine if it is the air conditioning system for them, here’s a close look at its many distinct advantages.

Size and Ease of Installation

Perhaps the most noticeable advantage of mini split heat pumps is that they are compact. They won’t take up too much space and are ideal for handling the heating needs of multiple rooms at the same time while being connected to only a single outdoor unit.

Thanks to their small size too, mini split heat pumps are much easier to install compared with other systems available in the market. You will typically need only a three-inch hole through your wall to act as a conduit for the outdoor unit. As a result, homeowners can expect to pay a lot less during the installation process.

Flexibility and Efficiency

Mini split heat pumps are the ideal choice for homeowners who plan to employ zoning at home. This is because many mini heat pump models can handle up to four indoor air-handling units. Thus, depending on the heating needs of various rooms in your home, you can adjust the heating accordingly.

The main disadvantage of forced air heating and air conditioning systems is that there is a significant amount of energy that gets lost due to complex ductwork. In fact, duct losses can account for up to a significant 30% of overall energy loss in homes.

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