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5 Signs it’s Time to have Your Air Conditioner Replaced

It has always been very difficult to tell when a piece of home equipment needs replacement. So, how can home owners be sure that it is time to replace air conditioner or have it it repaired? We’ve put together this resource to help you make these tough decisions. Here are the tell tale signs to help you answer the question: When Should I Replace My Air Conditioner?

5 Ways to Know it’s Time to Replace Air Conditioner

1. When your energy bills soars

If your unit runs longer than normal to achieve same level of comfort, this could be a sign it needs replaced.

If you realize your energy bill is sky rocketing and it has not been particularly warmer than usual, your AC could be losing efficiency. This is worrisome, particularly if your HVAC gets routine maintenance from a trusted Kirkland professional; you change the filters frequently and ensure the equipment is kept clean.

2. Your nose tells you so

Even exterior AC units should not experience a strong, unfamiliar odor. In your regular inspection of your unit, don’t let any potent smells go unchecked by a professional. It could be a sign of a major leak or potentially, the system breaking down permanently.

3. The unit breaks down frequently

If the H VAC unit breaks down frequently, it’s time to compare the cost of constant repairs versus the cost of buying a new AC unit. Although tune-ups on the unit are not very expensive, frequent repairs add up and a new system will likely run more efficiently. A new system will also provide the peace of mind that your system won’t breakdown when you need it the most, especially in the summer months.

4. Your AC is more than 10-15 years old

An air conditioner that has been used for ten or so years should be replaced. Although it may be working just fine today, it’s days are likely numbered. You don’t want to have to find out that your system needs replace, especially in July. Moreover, it is quite common for modern equipment and manufacturing techniques to work twice as efficient as units made ten years ago. This may save you hundreds of dollars in energy bills each year.

5. It is Getting Noisy

If you can hear your exterior AC unit from inside your home, then it’s high time you acquire a new unit. The noise may be as a result of broken down components. It could also signal a problem with the indoor coil of the conditioner or the duct system may be undersized.

When should I replace my air conditioner?

The answer to this question is rarely a simple one. However, if you work with a professional, the transition from your old system to your new one doesn’t have to be uncomfortable financially or physically. Work with the professionals Cardinal Heating & A/C to replace air conditioner in Kirkland without compromising on home comfort or budget.

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