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The air conditioning system in your home consumes about 40% of your total energy bills and therefore to improve the efficiency of the system, it is essential to maintain and service your AC unit regularly. When your AC system is[Read More...]

What is an air duct? Well, as your air is “conditioned,” that is, when it is processed into something that is fit to be distributed throughout your home (as in the case of a central air system), the ducts are[Read More...]

As a consumer, you have been through all kinds of situations where things didn’t turn out the way they seemed in the beginning. Maybe you’ve been to a car lot, where you were in a buying mood, and made the[Read More...]

Every time the summer rolls around, homeowners hope that their air conditioning unit will work. Instead of hoping on your unit to work, it is a good idea to plan ahead. Homeowners can plan ahead each season by signing up[Read More...]

When it comes to new air conditioning installation there are many options available. Homeowners should consider which option is best for their home before making the plunge. Certified technicians will be able to help you decide which unit is best[Read More...]