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Understanding Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant Floor Heating (RFH) systems are basically heating systems that are installed beneath the home’s floors to keep them warm, while allowing the interiors imbibe and radiate the warmth in a uniform manner. Radiant floor heating is quite energy-efficient when compared to conventional heating systems, and is easily able to bring down heating costs by […]

Everything You Wanted To Know About Cardinal Heating And AC Inc

Cardinal Heating and AC Inc. has been in business for over two decades now and it prides itself on its customer service, heating and cooling services and maintenance services. The company has received favorable reviews from customers all over the Seattle area and we’ve created a short informational guide to why Cardinal Heating and AC […]

Carrier Products

Keep Your Comfort Levels Optimum

Temperatures across the globe are rising constantly. Whether you blame it on the Greenhouse Effect or the way we look after our planet, with the heat increasing and the cold becoming equally severe, homes across the world are looking for better ways to regulate temperatures and to stay comfortable, come sunshine or snow. Carrier’s ultimate […]

Find The Best HVAC Services With Cardinal Heating And Air Conditioning

When homeowners in the Seattle area need professional HVAC services, they know how important it is to make sure that the company they hire is one that can provide a full range of heating and cooling services. Whether they need fast air conditioner repair in Seattle or they want to discuss the energy saving benefits […]

Carrier® WeatherExpert™ Rises to Department of Energy Challenge Reaching 20.8 IEER Rating

SYRACUSE, N.Y., May 21, 2013 — The new Carrier® WeatherExpert™ 10-ton unit exceeds the parameters of the recent Department of Energy (DOE) Rooftop Unit (RTU) Challenge, providing an Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio (IEER) of 20.8 – more than 15 percent more efficient than the required minimum of 18.0 IEER. Carrier, the world’s leader in high […]

4 Easy Steps to Lower your Cooling Costs

Whether your cooling costs are at an all-time high and you want them lowered or you just want to make sure you keep them at an affordable rate, follow some tips to help you lower your costs. These steps will help keep your energy bill in a decent range. The steps are all steps that […]

Heating 101: How to find the best deal on heating services you need

Finding the best heating services for you can sometimes be a daunting task. However, with the right tools at your disposal, it may be easier than you think. The important thing to keep in mind about businesses is that they want you to find them. Keeping that in mind, it stands to reason that any […]

How to Clean Your Heating System After the Winter Season

Proper maintenance is important if you are a homeowner. You need to make sure that all of the infrastructure in your home is working properly, so this is going to mean taking a look at the air conditioning, the heating and the plumbing system. From time to time, you are going to need to call […]

Four benefits of a Geothermal heat pump

When it comes to a geothermal heat pump, there are many benefits associated with the system. A geothermal heat pump is a unit that is considered eco-friendly as well as cost effective for heating and cooling the home. The unit has many benefits that continue to see homeowners asking for this type of installation. Below […]

How To Maximize Cooling Savings This Summer

Keeping cool and your wallet full may be easier than you think. There are many energy saving tips that you can put into place to help you keep the savings while staying cool and comfortable in your home this summer. You will find that there are many great ways to keep the air inside your […]