Heating and Air Conditioning Zoning: How It Works

There are plenty of ways to maximize energy use when it comes to heating and air conditioning; one popular option is zoning. Zoning assigns “zones” to different areas of your home and distributes heating and cooling according to their specific needs. These zones are controlled by a thermostat, which determines the temperature levels for every zone.

In this short guide, we’ll talk about how zoning works and how your home can benefit from it.

How Zoning Works

This system of heating and air conditioning allows you to break down your home into different areas according to their needs. These areas will have their own thermostat to help control the temperature of the zone. These thermostats are, in turn, electronically connected to dampers in your home’s air ducts. By controlling the temperature setting in the thermostats, you can control the dampers to allow or restrict the flow of heated or cooled air in an area.

The Benefits of Zoning

Most heating and air conditioning units will try to heat or cool an entire home as a centralized system. This means that a considerable amount of energy is consumed to heating rooms and areas that are not currently in use. A zoned system will allow you to “turn off” air conditioning in specific areas, saving you money on your utility bills.

Individually controlled areas also allow for more flexibility. Different people have different comfort levels and zoning gives them the ability to adjust the temperature without affecting other areas.

Eliminating Hot or Cold Spots

A zoned heating and air conditioning system evenly distributes the temperature throughout the entire home. Cold or hot spots occur when warm air rises and cold air sinks, causing areas to have irregular temperature distribution.

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