Do Programmable Thermostats Really Benefit Me?

When used wisely, programmable thermostats can save you both hassle and money. Compared with manual thermostats, the programmable variety lets you preset options, so you don’t have to be present in order to change the level of heating and cooling.

Benefits of Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats have a variety of features and functions, all of which can aid in streamlined heating and cooling.

Increased Energy Savings

The best way to save money with a programmable thermostat is to set the temperature back for at least 8-hour increments. For instance, you can set the thermostat back when you’re at work or asleep. Lowering the temperature during these times by one degree can knock 1 percent off your energy bill. If you lower the temperature 10 degrees, you’ll save at least 10 percent. Many homeowners forget to manually turn down the temperature, so this preset feature can do that for you.

Optimized Comfort

By presetting the thermostat, you can have it begin heating or cooling your home before you enter. This way, by the time you arrive, your home has already reached your desired comfort level, and you won’t have had to leave it at that temperature all day. You can also set it to heat your home before you wake up, in order to avoid a shivering morning hunkered in front of the heater.

Choosing the Right Thermostat for Your Lifestyle

There are a number of programmable thermostats to choose from, each with their own features. Some of these features include:

  • digital displays
  • weekday and weekend programs
  • Wi-Fi capabilities
  • air filter alerts
  • manual override

When Programmable Thermostats Fail to Save You Money

Programmable thermostats can only save a homeowner money when he or she utilizes the features. If your thermostat isn’t set to lower the temperature at certain times of the day, your energy bill probably won’t decrease at all. Additionally, if the temperature is set extremely high in the winter or extremely cool in the summer, you may be missing out on significant savings. If your thermostat is set for a certain temperature and the heating or cooling feels unnecessary, don’t be afraid to override your system instead of letting it run automatically. Programmable thermostats are meant to work for you, fully under your control.

If you’re looking for a way to regulate your heating and cooling without having to remember to manually turn up or down your thermostat, you may want to consider purchasing a programmable one. The initial investment can help you shave money off your energy bill.

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All About Carrier Cor Thermostats

The Cor thermostat from Carrier is an internet-enabled smart thermostat that allows you to monitor and manage your home temperature anytime and anywhere through your PC or mobile device. Smart thermostats like the Cor can lead to significant energy savings thanks to their ability to adapt to your home, your climate and weather, and your particular HVAC system.

Internet-enabled thermostats provide unprecedented control over home temperature settings, allowing you to make minute adjustments throughout the day to achieve the perfect temperature and humidity. However, smart thermostats can also do all the work for you, automatically adjusting for temperature and humidity to achieve maximum efficiency and comfort.

The Cor Has a Sleek Design and Smart Features

The Carrier Cor thermostat has a sleek, modern appearance, with a black front, rounded corners and a 3.5-inch screen color touchscreen. A proximity sensor in the thermostat automatically brightens the screen when it detects a person nearby. The landscape layout is colorful and attractive, with an interface that should feel natural to anyone accustomed to smart phones and tablet devices.

The Cor’s smart features include a four-day weather forecast, a vacation mode and a smart setback that finds the best settings to combine comfort with low energy bills. The Cor thermostat can manage your home climate independently, or make subtle adjustments to manual input in order to achieve a high degree of energy efficiency while ensuring comfort.

Cor users can track their monthly energy usage by visiting the thermostat’s online web portal or reviewing their energy report at the end of each month. This monthly report also includes energy saving tips and custom suggestions to help each user save money on their heating and air conditioning costs. Homeowners who invest in a Cor smart thermostat may be able to achieve energy savings as high as 20 percent.

Cardinal Heating Is Your Source for Carrier Products

The Carrier Cor thermostat requires professional installation by an HVAC technician. Cardinal Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to be an authorized dealer of Carrier products, and we will quickly install your new thermostat and help you with the initial set-up and programming. The Cor is compatible with most HVAC brands and systems in addition to Carrier brand HVAC systems.

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Tips For Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning In Your Home

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas that is poisonous in excessive amounts and can be fatal. A person can suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning when enough is inhaled to actually replace vital amounts of oxygen in the bloodstream. While this is extremely dangerous, it can be prevented.

It is important to first understand the potential sources of carbon monoxide in and around your home. Any appliance or piece of equipment that burns fuel can release the gas. Therefore, space heaters, furnaces, water heaters, fireplaces, gas central heating/cooling units, and wood burning stoves can emit carbon monoxide. If the units have cracks or are poorly vented, the gas can escape into the air that your family breathes. A more well known source is the exhaust produced by a running vehicle in a garage or other closed off space.

Our company strives to provide the best service to each and every one of our customers. We also want to help educate you in order to protect your family from such a tragedy. There are several ways you can prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in your home.

It is essential to install a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector on every level of your home. The                
        best location is near the bedrooms.
• If you have a chimney, have it professionally cleaned each year.
• Appliances and their corresponding ventilation systems should be checked annually.
• Ensure that generators are never operated in crawl spaces or indoors.
• If you use a wood burning stove, make sure it meets all EPA emission standards as well as any local
• Never use a kitchen stove that runs on gas as a heat source for your home.
• Hire a certified technician to clean, inspect and tune up your HVAC system.
• Never use a grill indoors.

If you suspect carbon monoxide poisoning, you should seek immediate medical attention. The symptoms mimic those of the flu; headache, fatigue, nausea, dizziness and trouble breathing. You may also notice that the symptoms decrease when you step outside and reappear when you go back indoors where the gas is present.

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How Does Humidity Affect Air Conditioning And Heating

Too much humidity can make people feel hotter in summer and sometimes high levels of humidity can affect how effective your HVAC system is. What most people don’t realize though is the fact that heating systems are also affected by excessive humidity not just cooling ones. Modern HVAC systems today are designed with inbuilt humidifiers and dehumidifiers which are both designed to control the level of humidity at one particular time. So how exactly does a lot of humidity affect your HVAC systems? Here is a simple explanation.

Effects of Humidity on Cooling

A lot of people will often associate the HVAC system’s ability to its size. It’s not always true to conclude that the bigger a system is the more effective it will be. If your HVAC system is far much bigger than what you need, its ability to remove humidity will be highly curtailed. With the moisture in the air, it becomes very difficult for the HVAC system to cool your home. Ultimately, you will spend more energy and get less cooling. The best way to deal with this is to simply buy an HVAC system that has the right size and ideal for your home. Additionally, you can also have a dehumidifier installed in your HVAC system to deal with the moisture in the air.

How Humidity Affects Heating

Just like cooling, the capacity of an HVAC system to heat up your home will be significantly reduced depending on the humidity present in your home. However, unlike in cooling, this works in reverse. In other words, a drop in the level of humidity in the home affects the ability of the HVAC system to heat up your home which is different from cooling where an increase in humidity affects the HVAC system. There are very innovative humidifiers that can be installed in the system to deal with this. When humidity levels drop the home feels colder and the more the HVAC systems needs to work in order to heat it up.

The effects of humidity on cooling and heating are very real but the good news is, there are practical solutions to explore.

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Saving Energy And Money The WiFi Way

The heating and cooling industry has benefited from many new technologies over the past few years. Energy efficient heating and cooling units have been developed, programmable thermostats, as well as WiFi Thermostats and other climate controlling products. These products are changing the HVAC industry into one that is more environmentally friendly.

Products such as the wireless home thermostat offer homeowners convenience and the ability to save money as well. Thanks to the remarkable capabilities of WiFi technology, homeowners can now control the temperature of their home using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. When operating the HVAC system remotely, homeowners are able to adjust their homes temperature so they can save money, yet come home to the warmth or coolness they desire.

An air conditioning unit is capable of changing the temperature of a home up to 20 degrees. Keeping the thermostat set higher during periods of not being home can significantly lower energy bills. By changing a temperature setting shortly before it is time to leave work, a home can be cooled to perfection before a homeowner turns their key in the lock.

This concept makes a lot of sense, and having full control over the thermostat even when out of town is something that every homeowner can benefit from. Sometimes after leaving for work, many homeowners realize they forgot to change their homes temperature setting. Now these forgetful homeowners can access their wifi home thermostat with a phone and eliminate the waste of energy.

There is no sense in cooling or heating a home when there is nobody home to enjoy it. The WiFi thermostat is available in several brands, styles, and each one offers unique functions that can be remotely accessed. The absolute best way to purchase a wifi residential thermostat is to consult with a professional HVAC company.

An HVAC technician will do a zone evaluation and offer homeowners an introduction to the different wifi residential thermostats available to them. Once a suitable device is chosen the technician will install the thermostat and instruct a homeowner on how to get the most out of their wise investment. Start taking advantage of this remarkable WiFi technology today by scheduling a consultation visit from a local HVAC technician.

Smart Thermostat For Smarter Living

Humans can handle only a limited range of temperature. So, it is important to maintain the temperature in a room within that range. But having to constantly get up and check whether your air-conditioning system is properly set and functioning can be a hassle. Luckily, with today’s technology, everything is much easier to manage.

Carrier now has a wide range of thermostats and controls for your cooling and heating systems. The new line of thermostats offers precise temperature control however you want it and wherever you are. The smart thermostat allows you to specify the temperature in different rooms. It also allows you to set the time for the settings to take place. It also gives you the liberty to adjust not just the temperature but also the humidity, airflow, and overall indoor air quality. Carrier’s Infinity Touch Control can manage these various aspects (temperature, ventilation, humidity, airflow, and indoor air quality) in up to 8 zones. You can assign up to eight zones in your home and specify the temperature and other properties for each zone. You can program for a maximum of 4 periods per day for up to 7 days.

For systems which include a furnace and heat pump, these can also be orchestrated through the advanced features of Infinity Touch Control’s Hybrid Heat system performance. This is truly a user-friendly smart thermostat. And its touch screen settings, along with system diagnostics and filter replacement reminders make it even better. Its full color touch screen has a photo-upload capability. And you can choose either TrueSense’s dirty filter detection or timed filter replacement reminders to know when to get new filters. It also has real-time energy consumption tracking, advanced smart setback to determine the best energy use when you are away, and vacation hold programming for environmentally conscious and thrifty individuals.

Precise temperature can also be controlled using your own smartphone. The Infinity Remote Access Touch Control can be accessed through the Internet, so you can control from your smartphone anywhere. You can also get a weather forecast right from your Infinity Touch Control as long as you are connected to a WiFi network and have Internet access.

With Carrier’s Infinity System installed, you can create your own atmospheric nirvana because it knows the difference between right temperature and right air quality. You can customize temperature, humidity, and air quality. You can also control fan speed and ventilation. If you prefer the room to be less humid, Infinity Touch can dictate to your air conditioner or heat pump to slow down and run longer to remove moisture in the air. It’s amazing what you can do with just one handy device. Thermostats and controls no longer just set the temperature; they set houses into homes.