When to Call an HVAC Tech for Heater Repair

Before you call an HVAC technician for heating repair, there are a few minor things you may want to check for that could end up saving you money on an unneeded service call. No one likes to spend unneeded money on something simple that could have been fixed without a professional, so take a look at this list below to see if your HVAC issue is really worth a call to a pro. Oftentimes, a simple fix can save you the hassle and costs associated with an HVAC house call.

Is Your Gas Turned On?

If you have gas heating, make sure that your home’s gas supply is still turned on. If your gas company suspects a problem or leak, they will turn off the gas supply to check for issues. Give your gas company a call before calling an HVAC technician to rule out any potential interference with your gas company as to why your HVAC system is not running properly. Also, with older units especially, make sure that your pilot light is lit. Most heating units use an electronic starter these days, but some people do still have units that run by pilot lights and an unlit pilot light will cause a heating unit to stop working. This goes for a hot water heater, as well. Newer electronic driven units generally have “flash codes”, which help indicate whether something is wrong. Take a look at our heating unit’s manual to help diagnose issues for these types of systems.

Take a Careful Look at Your Thermostat

This may seem obvious, but it’s an easily overlooked issues. Be sure to check the settings on your thermostat to make certain that the thermostat’s display is displaying the desired settings. Double check that the system is turned on, and that the switch is set properly to the correct temperature and to “heat” and not to “cool” or “off”. Many times homeowners will think that their heating and cooling system is not working properly only to find that their thermostat was simply not set correctly. Double checking your thermostat could save you the costs of a service call.

Pay Attention to Your Power Supply

Check your HVAC’s power supply. There may be a switch for your HVAC unit located close by to the unit (it could resemble a light switch), or your HVAC’s switch may be located on your circuit breaker. Generally, if up to code, this on/off switch will be clearly labeled for your HVAC system.

How’s the Air Filter?

If your heater seems to be running poorly or has decreased in efficiency, take a look at your system’s air filter. A dirty air filter can cause big problems for how well an HVAC unit performs. If you have an extremely dirty air filter, then your HVAC system cannot function properly. Before investing in an HVAC technician telling you’re your filter is dirty, simply check yourself and replace the filter if needed. A clean filter can go a long way in allowing your heater to function normally.

If you’ve checked all of the issues above and your heating system still doesn’t work, then it’s time to call a pro. We can help! Call us today at 425-296-2097

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